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Born and raised in Rockville, Maryland and now living in San Francisco by way of Los Angeles and Chicago, Rob Culos specializes in creative content development in and around the music industry. He is currently a Senior Producer on the Original Programming team at Audible.

While at GoPro, Culos helped build the #GoProMusic program - producing captivating original video content while nurturing existing artist/industry relationships, actively seeking and vetting new artist opportunities, and helping to transform those connections into valuable advocates for the brand. 

At Rhapsody (now Napster), Culos acted as a point person to 40+ labels and partners, leading the development of original audio and video content strategy and helping to grow the service's exclusive content offerings.  

Culos is also the co-founder and executive producer of BandWagon, the first-of-its-kind mobile music venue, and now oversees the companies new business and event productions. 

Former stints include Noise Pop, Universal Music and Everfine Records.


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